Frequently Asked Questions (2024)

I’m purchasing the Space Needle + Chihuly Garden and Glass combination ticket. Do I have to visit both on the same day?

Yes. With the combination ticket please select your date of visit for both the Space Needle, and Chihuly Garden and Glass. Both locations must be visited on the same date. You will be asked to select a 15-minute arrival window for each location. To improve guest flow and experience, Space Needle & Chihuly Garden and Glass 15-minute arrival intervals will now contain 5-minute timeslots within them. This is only the arrival window for entry, once inside you can stay until closing. Combination tickets are for a one-time entry at each location.

Does the Space Needle have a revolving restaurant?

SkyCity Restaurant closed in September 2017 as part of the Space Needle’s historic renovation project. There is currently no full-service revolving restaurant at the Space Needle.

What are the current food and beverage offerings at the Space Needle?

The Loupe Lounge features show-stopping mixology paired with tastes of the Pacific Northwest for Guests 21 and over. The Loupe Lounge is closed for the season and will return this Fall. Learn more about the Lounge here.

Other food and beverage options are available on the upper observation level at Atmos Café and Atmos Wine Bar.

When is The Loupe Lounge open?

The Loupe Lounge is open annually between fall and spring.

Does the Space Needle offer proposal packages?

We currently do not offer proposal packages, but don't let that stop you from popping the question at the Space Needle. Book a special night at The Loupe Lounge or purchase tickets to the top and finish with a glass of champagne at the walk up bar or a meal at The Bar next door at Chihuly Garden and Glass to make your proposal a memorable one. If you do propose at the Space Needle, please be aware that regular rules apply (no tripods or flowers that may affect the experience of other guests).

Where can I find my free digital photo from my Space Needle visit?

Using the 18-digit number printed on your tickets, visit the Spacebook page and enter the number to see your photos.

If you can't find your photo by searching with your 18-digit code, fill out the missing photo form and we will help you find your souvenir photo.

Is admission free for children?

Children 4 and under visit for free.

I have an infant with me, will my car seat be allowed in?

Yes. Car seats are fine to take with you. However, strollers must be parked before entry.

Will my stroller be allowed in?

No. Unfortunately due to the volume of people and limited space on the elevators, strollers must be left in your car or parked in our designated stroller area.

Someone in my party uses a wheelchair. Are you an accessible facility?

Yes. Wheelchairs are always welcome. Upon arrival, our Team Members will direct your party to our courtesy entrance (located on the ground floor in the gift shop) for access at the arrival time printed on your tickets. Once at the top, our Team Members can assist with elevator access between floors.

Are large bags allowed?

No. Large bags (example: too big to carry-on to an airplane) are not allowed in the facility and will not fit in on-site storage lockers; please make other arrangements for storage.

Complimentary storage lockers are located near the main entrance for storing other luggage. Small backpacks and purses (example: something that could fit under an airline seat) are permitted inside. Medium-sized bags and large backpacks (example: carry-on sized luggage too big to fit under an airline seat) will fit in our complimentary lockers.

Is my pet allowed?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed inside the Space Needle. However, service animals are always welcome.

I have a license to carry my concealed weapon. Am I allowed to take my firearm with me?

No. The Space Needle does not allow any weapons on property (with the exception of law enforcement personnel in the performance of their official duties).

Is my camera allowed?

Yes. Photos are highly encouraged. With 360° of viewing on two levels, including the world’s first and only rotating glass floor, you’ll have plenty of photos to take!

May I take and use my tripod?

Tripods are allowed at the Space Needle, however please remember to be courteous of your fellow Guests by not blocking pathways or obstructing views.

Is my video camera allowed?

Yes! You’ll have plenty to capture during your visit to the Space Needle. Photo and video recordings for anything other than personal use (i.e. professional equipment, professional photo shoots) must be approved through our Public Relations Department.

May I take my water bottle in?

Yes. Plastic and metal water containers are totally fine. However, glass containers are prohibited. Water bottle filling stations are available at the top.

Frequently Asked Questions (2024)
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